Dining in South Africa: The best cuisines around the country

Discover South Africa's vibrant cuisines, from street to gourmet food.

By ARBOOX Staff • January 28, 2024


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South Africa's rich tapestry of cultures explodes on your plate! Embark on a delicious journey through the country's diverse cuisines, from Cape Malay curries to Karoo lamb chops.

Join us on this culinary adventure througout the southernmost of Africa as we explore some of each regions' traditional food and the best places to try it.

Cape Town

Our trip starts in Cape Town, where indigenous, Malay, and European influences meet to offer a rich and savory variety of plates. Find our top three restaurants in Cape Town below.

1. Karibu Restaurant

Traditional South African cuisine offering an amazing view of the V&A Waterfront.

2. GOLD Restaurant

GOLD offers an immersive culinary experience with a 14 dish safari of taste for African cuisine.

3. madam taitou

Healthy African food with an amazing atmosphere and an exceptional menu.


Moving onto the next stop in our trip: Pretoria. Here, traditional cuisines collide to offer fine and exquisite dining, and we've curated the three best places to try this unique cuisine below.

1. Pachas Restaurant

Steakhouse with delicious meals and dinners, offering vegan-friendly and gluten-free options.

2. Kream

Fusion cuisine and grill with exceptional food and drinks, featuring a classy atmosphere.

3. Fermier

European kitchen with an amazing gastronomic experience and beautifully-presented meals.


Our last stop for our culinary trip, wich offers international and fusion cuisines all-around the city for all kinds of tasters.

1. Qunu Restaurant

Wonderful international and vegan-friendly dinner with a lovely venue.

2. Flames

Rooftop cuisine offering European food and a great view of Johannesburg.

3. Marble Restaurant

Beyond-tasty local and contemporary food with unique staff hospitality.