Gardens and parks in Tokyo that are actually worth your time

Explore Tokyo's hidden green gems you shouldn't miss

By ARBOOX Staff • January 27, 2024


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Forget crowded spots! In this guide we unveil Tokyo's most breathtaking gardens and parks, offering peaceful landscapes and unique cultural immersion.

1. Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Gardens

Step back in time at the Kyu-Shiba-rikyu Gardens, an oasis of tranquility amidst Tokyo's modern skyline. This charming Edo-era landscape garden unveils its beauty around every bend, with a central pond mirroring the ocean, sculpted hills symbolizing mountains, and serene walking paths guiding you through its peaceful heart.

2. Kiyosumi Gardens

Immerse yourself in tranquility at Kiyosumi Gardens, Tokyo's hidden gem. Stroll past seasonal blooms, meticulously placed rocks, and across iconic stepping stones, reflecting on the beauty of traditional Japanese landscape design.

3. Hamarikyu Gardens

Escape the Tokyo skyline at Hamarikyu Gardens, a historic oasis where seawater ponds ebb and flow with the tides. Imagine strolling past weeping willows and vibrant blooms, or sipping matcha in a floating teahouse perched amidst the serene landscape.

Bottom line

These parks offer a unique blend of beauty, history, and cultural experiences, perfect for any Tokyo adventurer. So pack a picnic, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready to explore!