We’ve ranked the top five most enjoyable airplane safety videos

Because our avgeek staff members insisted

By ARBOOX Staff • February 5, 2024


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Most of us really just watch safety videos on flights because we’re required to, so we don’t actually pay attention to them nor have the minimum interest in watching them closely. However, some people actually do pay close attention and even enjoy them. We at ARBOOX (well, just some of the staff members) do pay close attention to airline safety videos and, as such kind of people, we’ve carefully selected our five favourites. Bucle up and come join us to watch this ranking.

1. British Airways

British Airways’ update to their safety video in 2023 ranked the first spot in our list. Watch it and discover why for yourself. It’s fun and very enjoyable. Bonus points for the cultural showcase.

2. Air France

Air France’s 2021 safety video definitely won our hearts as well. There’s just pretty much everything about it that makes the video really good and pleasant to watch: the music, the views of France, the comic moments… Everything!

3. Air Canada

Air Canada's 2022 safety video showcases unbelievably surprising landscapes of Canada and the diversity of people throughout the country.

4. LOT Polish Airlines

LOT started 2024 with a new safety video for long flights. In collaboration with the National Museum in Warsaw, the airline is bringing Polish art to passengers while providing safety instructions in a very efficient and creative way.

5. Delta

Delta's 2023 update to their safety video gives us a super classy and detailed preview of the safety instructions during long flights.